"It's about time you got here. Take over—I'm headed to the Chief of State's quarters."
―Mirith Sinn to Leia Organa's boydguards[src]

The Chief of State's quarters were a suite of private chambers used by the Chief of State of the New Republic. The quarters were located in residential compound of the Imperial Palace on Coruscant. In 13 ABY, the quarters were assaulted by the henchmen of Ennix Devian, Supreme Commander of the Restored Empire faction, but the attack was thwarted by the security staff of the Palace.


"They'e headed toward the family's quarters."
―Mirith Sinn[src]
Aborted raid Empire LostIII

The Imperial raid was aborted at the doors of Organa's quarters

When she succeeded Mon Mothma as Chief of State of the New Republic in 11 ABY, Princess Leia Organa Solo relocated to the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, and she was offered this plush suite. Organa moved into the Chief of State's quarters with her husband and her three children.[2]

Two years later, a group of Imperial commandos were tasked by the Restored Empire leader Ennix Devian to raid the Chief of State quarters to eliminate Chief of State Leia Organa Solo and her family. The raid was foiled by Mirith Sinn, Chief of Security of the Palace and Organa's Noghri bodyguards. Devian's henchmen were stopped at the very door of the Chief of State's suite.[1]


This suite was located in the living compound of the Palace, and could be accessed from the Meeting Hall. The quarters' door was fronted by a fine portico made of carved square columns and cusped arches. Patterns carved on the pillars ranged from zigzags to floral and sheer geometric designs. It was brightly colored with blue, gold and tan.[1] The quarters themselves contained several chambers, including a common room and at least two bedrooms.[2]


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