The Children of Mani was a religious group that operated in the Grumani sector.


The Children of Mani adhered to the teachings of the individual Mani, who had taught his followers to travel to wilds of the galactic frontier, to seek perfection. The Grumani, who were considered to be orthodox followers of the faith, believed that moral conduct must be derived from the directives of Mani, as interpreted by Mani's Hierophants. However, the Spumani believed that Mani had made a secret directive that taught that salvation could only be attained by constantly testing oneself.


Many Children of Mani were among the Human colonists who settled in the Grumani sector during the time of the Galactic Republic. However, after a few centuries, the religion was split by a schism that divided the movement into the Grumani and the Spumani. The two factions subsequently waged war against each other for about eight hundred years, until the Sith arrived in the Grumani sector during the New Sith Wars. Eventually, tensions between the sects reduced to merely a feeling of mutual disdain.