The Children of the Tempest were a band of mutant Sith who resided on the planet Nyriaan.


During the Jedi Civil War, the Sith starship Dying Sun crashed on the planet Nyriaan in the Luire system, stranding the surviving Human crew on the world. The ship's commander, Darth Glovoc, was subsequently placed into suspended animation and over time, the survivors' descendants developed into a group twisted and inbred subhumans known as the Children of the Tempest. The deformed Sith howled like beasts and hunted with spears, and they revered Glovoc as a sleeping deity. They established an altar in the Steamfields, a geologically active region of Nyriaan, and they remained in relative seclusion and were were hostile to native Nyriaanans, whom they occasionally encountered.

The rogue Galactic Republic intelligence agent Yrssk developed an understanding with the Children of the Tempest, after he plied them with trinkets and sacrificial victims. After group of Republic operatives journeyed to Nyriaan to track down Yrssk, he persuaded several of the mutant Sith to help him ambush the agents in the Steamfields, and the Sith were subsequently defeated.

In 132 BBY, the Sith Lord Darth Vurik traveled to Nyriaan seeking to gain custody of Glovoc, and many of the Children of the Tempest perished while in combat with him. After Vurik was distracted by a group of Jedi, the deformed Sith moved the slumbering Glovoc to a hidden location, out of Vurik's grasp.