"Cover blown Imps on my trail Wounded Hiding in sewers Double agent Long live the Roughnecks — Chil …"
―Comlink recorder found next to Chilla's corpse[src]

Chilla was a female undercover agent of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


Soon after the Battle of Yavin, Chilla worked as a bartender in The Rusty Bucket, a bar in the city of Takari, on Iyuta. Chilla's affiliation was discovered by the Empire and she was wounded. Chilla hid in the planet's ancient sewer system, eventually dying but not before leaving a message on a comlink recorder.[1]

The Empire then replaced Chilla with an impersonator, as part of a plot to discover the Rebel headquarters. However, Green squad from Reekeene's Roughnecks discovered the real Chilla's corpse while preparing a mission to eavesdrop on a newly built Imperial Communications Center, blowing the impersonator's sham.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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