Explorers wander through a chlovi patch exploring the Nyriaan wilderness

Chlovi were a species of fungi that were native to the planet Nyriaan.


Chlovi were large in size with brown, oblong bodies and phosphorescent spore-producing gills that were red and orange in color. The fungi were one of Nyriaan's most common plant species and grew in large, spiral-shaped patches that could be found all over the world. Chlovi were edible, making them an important part of the cuisine of the planet's colonists, who considered the fungi to be a delicacy. However, attempts to cultivate the fungi were met with limited success and problems arose in the cultivated chlovi development when they began to produce spores. It was hypothesized by some chlovi growers that the chlovi somehow depended upon interaction with chlovi cats, a species of predator that commonly hunted and nested in chlovi patches.