The Chlovi cat was a species of amphibian predator, that was native to the planet Nyriaan. They were named after the chlovi, a species of large fungus.


Chlovi cats were about the same size as large dogs and had long, sinewy bodies. They had glistening skin that could change color from black to a steely shade of gray and they used this bioluminescence for mating displays and communication while hunting. They had sharp needle-like teeth and long, curved claws, which they used to catch their prey. They hunted in packs and learned to predict the movements of their prey, allowing them to use ambush tactics, rather than just direct attacks. Generally, they preyed upon lluma and pherins, but following the arrival of Humans on Nyriaan, the cats developed a taste for Human flesh, which they preferred over that of Nyriaan's native species. As a result, the chlovi cats were responsible for hundreds of Human deaths across the planet and the settlers would shoot the cats on sight.


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