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Choday Hrakness was a Human male from the planet Agamar.


Hrakness attended and graduated from the Imperial Academy, but later defected to the Rebel Alliance. At the time of the New Republic's war with Warlord Zsinj, Hrakness served in the New Republic military as a captain. He took command of the Corellian Corvette Night Caller after it had been wrested from the service of Apwar Trigit and Warlord Zsinj by Wraith Squadron.

Replacing Captain Zurel Darillian as the vessel's commander, Hrakness used his skills as a naval captain to help deceive Trigit's forces and masquerade the New Republic forces under Wedge Antilles's command as loyal minions of Zsinj. Hrakness advised Garik Loran, Wedge Antilles, and Myn Donos on the dress and mannerisms associated with stereotypical Agamari to help disguise them for a mission. He also wore a black and silver uniform to simulate the dead Captain Darillian on the bridge of the Night Caller during battle.

Hrakness was killed when the Night Caller's bridge was destroyed during the Battle of Talesea, and succeeded as captain of the ship by Atril Tabanne.



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