"Chrom-Vrone [sic], legacy of the Yuuzhan Vong occupation, still pock the planet Wayland. Scars of war."
Wolf Sazen[src]

Chom-Vrone were large worms used as drills by the Yuuzhan Vong. They were shaped like cylinders, a hundred meters high and nearly that many wide, made of yorik coral. Chom-Vrone digested rock, turning it into a semi-plasmatic state in a process that was similar to that carried out by Yaret-Kor cannons on coralskippers. When a Chom-Vrone had a full load, hundreds of meter-wide tubes would extend from the top of the Chom-Vrone, spewing the plasma out onto the surrounding ground. This had the added effect of keeping the perimeter clear and any undesirables out of the region.

After the war ended, many Chom-Vrone remained on the ravaged planets. A large number of them were still present on Wayland up until 127 ABY, when the planet was once again transformed by the Ossus Project.

Behind the scenesEdit

Emissary of the Void uses the spelling "Chom-Vrone", while Legacy 43: Monster, Part 1 uses an additional letter, making the name "Chrom-Vrone". The correct spelling is currently unclear. It is possible, conversely, that Wolf Sazen pronounces the name wrongly as a personal error.


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