The Chorlian sector was a sector of space in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy[1] that was considered to be part of Wild Space for much of its history. Known for its near-lawlessness,[12] the sector contained more than half a dozen star systems, including the Malachor system[1]—the site of a slave rebellion under the reign of the Reconstituted Sith Empire,[4] the Battle of Malachor V that decided the Mandalorian Wars[5]—as well as the Zygerria system, home of the Zygerrian species, and the Rekkiad and Nathema systems.[1] The sector was under the control of various Sith states for much of history, with the planet Medriaas serving as an agriworld for the first Sith Empire,[3] and Malachor V was the site of the Trayus Academy before the planet's destruction during the First Jedi Purge.[5] The Chorlian sector was crossed by the Listehol Run and the Shaltin Tunnels hyperspace routes, and was located on the edges of the known galaxy.[1] During the time of the New Republic, the sector was represented in the New Republic Senate by a senator who believed that the Senate had been infiltrated by Imperial agents.[7]



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