"I'm LD-22... Sod it. My name is Chorn."
―Chorn introduces himself to a group of Twi'lek.[src]

Chorn was a male individual who served the Galactic Empire as a stormtrooper under the designation LD-22. Chorn was stationed on the planet Ryloth. While most of his fellow stormtroopers chose to abandon the planet in the wake of failure in fighting the continuing rebellion, Chorn chose to remain. Having removed some of his armor, he suffered a dangerous scratch which became infected and wandered the planet in a bad condition. He encountered a group of Twi'lek and initially identified himself using his Imperial designation, but realizing it was pointless, gave his real name instead. The Twi'lek seemed prepared to show him compassion, but one of them fired a blaster, ending his life.[1]

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