«I won't be your trophy, dead or as a slave.»
―Chorrawl to Revan[src]

Chorrawl was a Wookiee hunter who lived during the Jedi Civil War. When he first met an amnesiac Revan, who came to Kashyyyk in search of a Star Map, he misjudged the Jedi as just another Czerka slaver because he was a Human. Later, Revan retrieved the blade of the great Bacca's sword and gave it to ex-chieftain Freyyr, who had been exiled by Chuundar, Freyyr's son. When Freyyr came back to Rwookrrorro with this important artifact to challenge Chuundar, Chorrawl sided with Freyyr. He helped to overthrow Chuundar and return Freyyr to his rightful place as chieftain.

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