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The Chrome Companies of the planet Ophuchi considered aiding Aquilae against the Galactic Empire. A Galactic trader named Aay Zavos represented the Companies in an audience with King Kayos.

Eventually, it was decided to send the Bloodory's distillation to Ophuchi to gain their support. Luke Skywalker was entrusted with 33 vials of the distillation and with the Princess Leia to take to that planet, but he and his companions were forced to evacuate their damaged (and hijacked) Imperial starship over Yavin en route.

The help of the Companies proved unnecessary after the Wookiees were recruited to the side of the resistance by Annikin Starkiller, and they destroyed the Imperial space fortress.

Behind the scenesEdit

When Han Solo was paid by the Rebel Alliance on Yavin 4 in the second draft, he was given a small box of chrome bars. He claimed it to be worth 7 or 8 million credits. Consequently the "Chrome" in the Chrome Companies' name may have represented particularly valuable mineral wealth.