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The J-type 327 Nubian royal starship was covered in chromium for decorative purposes.

Chromium was an element used in metallic objects, and would provide a mirror shine to the surface. Originally useful in blocking radiation and certain forms of laser attacks, it was used to represent nobility on such planets as Naboo. Non-royal ships were forbidden from using chromium.[1] The J-type 327 Nubian royal starship, J-type diplomatic barge, H-type Nubian yacht and J-type star skiff, all used by Padmé Amidala, were covered in chromium. Also, the royal N-1 starfighters, sometimes used to escort the aforementioned starships, wore partial chromium plating.

The Modirin Mining Concern was responsible for a large "chromium rush" on Aduba-3 which turned out to be a scam involving mine-seeding.

The floating city Ipsus, over Genarius, was coated with chromium to protect against radioactive ion storms. Ladarra was considered a failed chromium mine.[2]

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The term "chromium rush" is obviously based on the real-world "gold rush." Its use helped established the background Aduba-3 as the planetary equivalent of a "ghost town," providing a "Western" setting that was appropriate for Han Solo, a gunslinging "cowboy"-like character. Its kinship to chrome and chromite is uncertain.

Chromium is a real world metal, it added to iron in 11% or more to form stainless steel, among other applications.


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