Chronicles of Ki-Sazen

One of the Chronicles of Ki Sazen

"She has spoken, and we treasure her words. Honor the Chronicles of Ki Sazen."
―Nikto Cultist[src]

The Chronicles of Ki Sazen were a series of holorecordings made in honor of the fallen Jedi Ki Sazen and were created during the years of the Cold War. At some point, Ki Sazen was noted to have slain a Spine dragon which led to her becoming revered by a group of Nikto who formed a cult that worshipped her. Her Jedi Master urged her to release them from the life debt, however, Ki Sazen believed that she along with these Nikto followers were capable of greatness.

After the incident at Tas-La, Sazen had fallen from the Jedi Order and departed with her Nikto cultists to the planet Taris. At some point, they created holorecordings of her words and teachings which they called the Chronicles of Ki Sazen. An Imperial Agent Cipher Nine was tasked with the recovery of the various Chronicles with these revealing more of the fallen Jedi's origins.

Behind the scenesEdit

These chronicles are mentioned in the optional quest called "Chronicles" that involves finding five chronicles that contain recordings from Ki Sazen.