This article is about the Clone Wars-era ship. You may be looking for its predecessor.

The Chu'unthor, the second ship to bear that name, was the wandering praxeum starship of the Jedi Djinn Altis during the Clone Wars.


It was named after its more famous predecessor, which crashed on Dathomir centuries before. Amongst its students were Callista Ming and Geith.[1] Jedi Master Aqinos taught on the Chu'unthor as well.[2]

At some point, Luke Skywalker found the Chu'unthor and recovered records from it, amongst them an account of the life of Aurra Sing.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The second Chu'unthor was originally mentioned in Darksaber. Despite being similar in some details to the one described in The Courtship of Princess Leia, this Chu'unthor was said to be active long after Courtship established it had crashed. The New Essential Guide to Characters resolved this by establishing that it was a second Chu'unthor named in honor of the first.



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