"Wise was K'ungfu, and strong. But at this time, none was wiser or stronger than the great Jedi Master Chuang."

Chuang, also known as the Great Jedi, was a character in a story that the Jedi Master Yoda once heard from his own master. According to the story, he was the strongest and wisest Jedi Master of his time. At one point, his apprentice died. Instead of mourning his lost pupil, Chuang decided to spend time with his friends, playing music, singing, and joking. A messenger who brought the condolences of Master K'ungfu later arrived, and he found the Great Jedi laughing while the body of his apprentice lay there. In the face of the messenger's outrage, Chuang told him that death was not something one could avoid forever, and it only meant becoming a different part of the Force. Therefore, Chuang felt that it was better to sing and laugh over the dead than cry. The messenger then related the words of the Great Jedi to Master K'ungfu. When Yoda recounted the story to Luke Skywalker, hundreds of years after hearing it from his mentor, he could not tell whether Chuang, K'ungfu and the others were historical or fictional characters.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Master Chuang was partly inspired by Chuang-tzu, a Taoist text named for its traditional author.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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