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Chuiee Two Thorpe from Kissel was the Padawan of Mace Windy and writer of the Journal of the Whills, Part I. He was the son of Han Dardell Thorpe, and a graduate of the Intersystems Academy. He remained with his Master even after Windy was cashiered from the position of Warlord for the Alliance of Independent Systems.

He accompanied Windy to the planet Yoshiro on a mission from the Alliance Chairman.

Behind the scenesEdit

Chuiee was the "writer" of the Journal of the Whills in George Lucas's earliest narrative set in what would become the Star Wars universe.

The pilot Chewie from Aquilae, callsign "Devil Two," in the rough draft, is a re-use (and re-spelling) of the name. He was killed attacking the space fortress. He makes a similar appearance as "Boma Two" in the second draft. Later drafts dropped Chewie as he was easily confused with Chewbacca, becoming a nickname for the Wookiee.



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