Churabba was a Hutt with a cunning business mind who led a diplomatic mission to the planet Kintan during the Hutt–Xim conflict. Although Churabba was hermaphroditic, like all Hutts, "she" preferred to take on a female persona.


By the time of her mission, Hutt efforts in the Si'Klaata Cluster had already recruited the Klatooinians and the Vodrans to their side in the conflict. Convincing the more technologically sophisticated Nikto of Kintan to serve the Hutts was more challenging. However, Churabba realized that the Cult of M'dweshuu which ruled Kintan was feared by the Nikto people, and that the Hutts would be seen as saviors if the Cult's hold on the Nikto was broken. It was believed that she admired the Cult for its ability to galvanize the Nikto people, even as she sought to destroy it and bring the Nikto into the Hutt Empire. She ordered that the Cult's main headquarters be bombarded, killing off many of their leaders and leaving the Nikto people without a strong leadership. The Nikto then signed their support over to her and to the Hutts.


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