Ciaran Gultnieks was a programmer for Star Wars: The Arcade Game and The Empire Strikes Back for personal computers.


In 1987, Gultnieks was hired by Vektor Grafix, a British computer game company.[1] He was the first employee, along with two founders. The three men were tasked to port Star Wars: The Arcade Game to home computers. After the success of that project, Vektor Grafix was tasked to port The Empire Strikes Back in 1988.[1] Gultnieks worked on more games with the company, until it was bought out by MicroProse in 1992.[2]

He stayed with MicroProse through the release of the flight simulator Dogfight. In 1993, MicroProse was bought out[3] and closed down their UK office. Gultnieks set up The Software Refinery with Ian Martin and a few other programmers. That company released Slipstream 5000 and Hardwar in the 1990s, and closed down in 2002.[4]



Hardwar, the last video game Gultnieks created.

Star WarsEdit

Year Title Platform Role
1983 Star Wars: The Arcade Game PC Programming
1988 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back PC Grafix System, Programming


Year Title Format Role
1989 Strike Aces PC Design, Programming
1991 Killing Cloud PC Vektor Grafix system development
1993 Air Duel: 80 Years of Dogfighting PC Game Design and Programming
1995 Slipstream 5000 PC Programming
1998 Hardwar PC Development

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