Cilyn Gara was a male Corellian shipping magnate who lived at some point during galactic history. Gara had an understanding with the Chandrila-based crime lord Yustavan Dreezian whereby Dreezian transported shipments of spice aboard starships that were operated by Gara's company. However, the pair eventually fell out and Gara refused to allow his ships to transport any more goods for Dreezian, so the crime lord hired the Human assassin Kodi Vilthar to murder Gara. Vilthar carried out his assigned and he destroyed a space transport that Gara was traveling aboard, which killed the Corellian. In the aftermath of the industrialist's death, Gara's daughter—Magda Gara—hired a group of agents to capture Vilthar, to made the assassin face justice for causing her father's demise.