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The Royal Palace was a massive residential facility at the heart of the Royal District of Cinnagar. Home to the ruling monarch of the planet Empress Teta and the seat of government in Imperial times, the Palace was constructed over the foundations of the Iron Citadel according to legends.


Located at the heart of the Royal District, the Royal Palace was a massive complex of nine interconnected spires that towered over the cityscape. The golden spires represented the nine worlds of the Empress Teta system: Keres I, Gillad, Mozos, Empress Teta, Tryast, Phiris, Phoros, Ronika, and Keres II. Located along the equatorial axis, the rising sun would hit each spire in the same order that the planets orbited the star. Connected by low walls, the grounds surrounding the spires was a sprawling garden complex with local and imported flora. Many cottages were located within the gardens to house favored nobles from each world. At the core of the Palace was a block of black iron which was believed to have been brought from the ruins of the Iron Citadel. Whatever the truth, the monument stood as a testament to a lost age of Empress Teta's history.[1]


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