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"Cipher Twelve" was the call sign of a male Imperial Agent of the resurgent Sith Empire's Imperial Intelligence.

At an unknown point, he was noted to had risen to the position of Cipher Agent. He was classed as a member of the old guard who operated prior to the Great Galactic War. During his activities, he was known to have cultivated allies on the fringe. At some point, Doctor Eckard Lokin was noted to had worked alongside the Cipher and commented that Cipher Twelve was the finest agent. By the time Cipher Twelve received his Mandalorian brands, he had become verbally abusive in private.

Ultimately, the odds caught up with him and a Hapani royal assassin punctured his lungs thus killing the agent. His existence was not known to future agents as Imperial Intelligence rarely spoke about a Cipher Agent's predecessors. During the Cold War, the thirtieth anniversary of the agent's death came and Eckard Lokin remembered the death of the Cipher after recounting his history to Cipher Nine.