The ruins of the Circle of Kavaan

The Circle of Kavaan was the name of a religious cairn located on the outskirts of Chinshassa, the capital city of the planet Shalyvane. The circle was a sacred place of worship for the indigenous species known as the Em'liy and named for their god Kavaan.


At some point during the Galactic Civil War, the Empire discovered that Rebel Alliance forces had been setting up small outposts in Chinshassa. Emperor Palpatine ordered a squad of TIE bombers to raze the city and eradicate the Rebel influence. Many of the sacred stones at the Circle of Kavaan were laid waste and the site fell into ruin. The Em'liy people, their spirit broken, reverted to a state of barbarism and became a wandering tribe of nomadic warriors. The Emperor's propaganda machine projected a false story claiming that the site had been destroyed due to a colony of Human barbarians. Future generations of Em'liy warriors took this story as the truth and viciously guarded the ruins from all Human contact.

Three years after the Battle of Yavin, members of the flight group known as Rogue Squadron landed on Shalyvane and visited the ruins. Pilot Shira Brie told Luke Skywalker the false story of the cairn's destruction claiming that when she was a young girl in Chinshassa, savage Em'liy marauders raided the site and slaughtered her family. After telling her tale, a tribe of Em'liy discovered the Rogues near the circle ruins and attacked them. The Rebels took cover behind the stones and fought back blasting at every warrior they could find. Shira Brie managed to get to her fighter and rained blaster fire down upon the Em'liy, dispelling their forces.

A few days later, Luke Skywalker returned to Shalyvane and met an old Em'liy named G'hinji Dros. G'hinji told Luke the true story of the Circle of Kavaan's history and Luke discovered that Shira Brie was actually an Imperial agent.

Shira Brie maintained a special holoprojector buried beneath the stone ruins of the Circle of Kavaan. It could only be activated by physical contact with Human blood. By pretending to partake in a blood-letting ritual at the circle, Shira was able to send coded communications to her true master, Darth Vader. Luke later sliced open his own palm and used his blood to activate the holoprojector.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Circle of Kavaan was created by Marvel Comics writers, David Michelinie and Walt Simonson.



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