City Sprawl North 7 A68

North 7:A68 schematics

City Sprawl North 7: A68 was a city sprawl located within the Death Star's northern hemisphere, at Zone N7. The sprawl was the headquarters of the illegal A68 Market, overseen by Lieutenant Gorsick Dommaro.

It largely resembled various planetary Imperial outposts and research stations in the Galactic Empire. This was because the various city sprawls on the battle station were made out of prefabricated Imperial building materials. North 7:A68 was a typical design of the hundreds of regional constructs on the station's surface. It had various turbolaser towers, positioned onto multi-story buildings as skyline batteries, as well as strategically positioned to work together as combined offensives. In addition, huge workstations supported and operated shield generators alongside the space traffic control towers. The area alongside others also possessed immense communication islands, which were bordered by a myriad of sensor arrays, to handle outgoing and incoming voice and holo transmissions.

Although A68 was largely an independent village, its communications and sensor networks were constantly streamed to the command sector at Zone N7, which were in turn fed directly to the Overbridge's internal computers, which collectively supplied a complete view of the overall station's activity and status for the command center's perusal, including having the computers take direct control if necessary.

The section also had representatives from all the major sectors operating aboard the Death Star, with each sector (Command, military, security, service/technical, hangar, and general) possessing operation centers within the confines of the area. These operating centers each had a commanding officer who reported to interior command that worked all the way up to Operations Command, including the main triumvirate of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, Admiral Conan Antonio Motti, and High General Cassio Tagge.

A68 was also located near the thermal exhaust port at the very end of the Meridian trench, and contained three XX-9 heavy turbolaser batteries, alongside three shield projection towers, a command center, general quarters, communications posts, heat sinks, sensor suite fields, a landing platform, cosmic ray sinks, energy flush vents, and a sensor array station.