The Claing bush was a type of thorny, flowering bush native to Nierport VII, one of seven moons orbiting the planet Eeropha.

Blooming only during a month-long summer, the wild bush produced violet flowers and a type of berry that could be pressed to make claing juice. Its massive thorns—well over a meter long—were a deep red in color, and grew tall from the trunk.

Senator Sano Sauro of Eeropha prized the claing-bush thorns as emblems not only of his planet, but also of his protégé, Granta Omega, a native of the planet's moon. Four of the tall red thorns rose from the corners of Sauro's long but low Senate office desk. [1] And, upon Palpatine's appointment of Sauro to the position of Deputy Chancellor (done to keep this arch-enemy of the Supreme Chancellor close, and on a leash), in a temporary garden in the exterior courtyard outside the Galactic Senate complex, twin horns of the bloodred bush could be seen towering above the exotic flowers there.[2]

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