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"In 1058 BBY, a mercenary named Aga Awaud returned to Mandalore to find that the Candorian plague had killed his family and most of his clan..."
Vilnau Teupt[src]

Clan Awaud was a Mandalorian clan in existence during the tumultuous period of the New Sith Wars. In the century prior to 1000 BBY, the deadly Candorian plague spread throughout a large swathe of the galaxy, eventually coming to the Outer Rim world of Mandalore. There, the plague was responsible for the death of much of Clan Awaud, including the family of the Mandalorian mercenary, Aga Awaud. Though Aga had been offworld at the time of his clan's demise, when he returned to Mandalore in 1058 BBY, the Mandalorian soldier made the grim discovery. The death of his clan, combined with the need for Mandalorian vessels to unite into defensive caravans in order to fend off raiders from the sectors surrounding Mandalorian space, spurred Awaud to action: Awaud initiated a call for Mandalorians throughout the galaxy to defend Mandalorian space, a movement that came to be known as the Return. Then, in 1051 BBY, Aga Awaud—one of Clan Awaud's only surviving members—claimed the title of Mand'alor, becoming "Mandalore the Uniter" and leading his people into a thriving era.[1]

Hundreds of years later, during the ideological schism the developed between the New Mandalorians, True Mandalorians, and Death Watch factions that spawned the Mandalorian Civil War, support from Clan Awaud was divided. Members of the clan were known to favor each of the three feuding groups.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Clan Awaud was first introduced to Star Wars canon in the reference book, The Essential Guide to Warfare, authored by Jason Fry and Paul R. Urquhart, and published April 3, 2012. A year later, with the release of The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett on October 15, 2013, Clan Awaud was mentioned again.


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