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Clan Beroya was a Mandalorian clan in existence during the time of the Galactic War. Among the clan's members were the couple, Jos Beroya and Valk Beroya, who fought closely alongside Shae Vizla and her clan. The Beroyas trained with Vizla and her people on the Outer Rim world of Rishi, at their complex on Tracyn Island.[1] After the Mandalorian leader Mandalore the Vindicated fell in battle with the forces of the Eternal Empire, Shae Vizla succeeded him as Mand'alor. Taking the title of "Mandalore the Avenger," Vizla rallied the Mandalorians to revolt against the Eternal Empire, and Clan Beroya was among the clans who answered the new Mand'alor's call, joining her on Darvannis for a raid on the Empire's factories.[3]

Thousands of years later, Clan Beroya became linked to Clan Awaud when the Mandalorian soldier Nam Beroya was taken into the Awaud clan. Nam Beroya eventually led Clan Awaud as its chieftain from before the Clone Wars' outbreak to the early days of the Galactic Civil War. After Nam was believed to have died in battle against a group of Zygerrian slavers, his adopted daughter Vera Beroya succeeded him as Clan Awaud's chieftain.[2]



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