Clan Home was the name given to the large vheh'yaim that served as the residence of the Mandalorian Awaud clan, after they left Mandalore and the conflict between Death Watch and the New Mandalorians behind to settle on Vlemoth Port. Built in the forested northern foothills of the Outer Rim world, Clan Home functioned as the de facto heart of the Mandalorian settlement of Arumorut. Clan Home possessed an armory, kitchen, infirmary, and family lodgings, and over time, became an informal headquarters for the hundreds of Mandalorian mercenaries that resided in Arumorut.



Clan Home was an example of a large vheh'yaim

Clan Home was a large vheh'yaim constructed in the center of the Mandalorian settlement of Arumorut, located in the northern foothills of the planet Vlemoth Port, a sparsely populated industrial world in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories. The dome-shaped Clan Home was fifty meters wide, constructed with hard wood from the local conifer tree forests around Arumorut, and its outer face was surfaced with tree bark, grass, and mud for camouflage. Two narrow, reinforced cylindrical towers rose from Clan Home's domed surface, measuring ten and fifteen meters high, from which sharpshooters could defend the homestead.[1] Like most vheh'yaime,[2] Clan Home's base was set several meters into the ground, with a sunken main entrance at the foot of a small staircase.[1]

Through the main entrance was a small atrium, that led into a thirty-meter-wide common room known in Mando'a as the karyai,[1] or "main living room."[3] Clan Home's karyai possessed rustic but functional decor that included a mixture of exposed wood, roughhewn furniture, and industrial tables. Five long tables ran the room's length, and the karyai could easily accommodate several hundred guests, and it was here that Clan Awaud's chieftain, Vera Beroya, hosted her entire clan for communal feasts and mission planning. Clan Home also housed an armory, a large kitchen, a study, an infirmary, and private living quarters for both the chieftain and twenty of the clan's most senior members and top military advisors, in addition to their families. A network of several underground tunnels connected Clan Home with sixteen smaller vheh'yaime across Arumorut; known as akaata'yaime, these sixteen other structures served as platoon barracks for Clan Awaud's warriors.[1]


After Clan Awaud left Mandalore to escape the intersocietal struggles between the pacifist New Mandalorians and the radical Death Watch, they wandered the galaxy for several years before eventually settling on the Outer Rim world of Vlemoth Port. Using the resources afforded to them by the dense, coniferous forests of the northern foothills, the Mandalorians of Clan Awaud built a large vheh'yaim residence they deemed Clan Home. Here, Chieftain Nam Beroya and the clan's senior members took up residence, as the village of Arumorut grew up around them.[1]

After Nam Beroya was captured by Zygerrians in the course of a heated battle with a party of slavers, his adopted daughter Vera succeeded him as Clan Awaud's chieftain and the head of Clan Home's household. From Clan Home's karyai, Vera Beroya directed the collective mercenary operations of Arumorut's warriors, and hosted great feasts for the many members of her clan. During the Galactic Civil War, waged between the forces of the Galactic Empire and the rebellious Alliance to Restore the Republic, Beroya met with several prospective clients at Clan Home, including a group of rebel operatives looking to enlist Mandalorian aid in the defense of the nearby world of Xorrn from Imperial assault.[1]

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Clan Home was first introduced to the Star Wars universe in the roleplaying game adventure book Friends Like These, published on December 8, 2016 by Fantasy Flight Games.[1]


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