"The Twin Spears are in Clan Jendri’s territory. If they catch us moving in on their turf, there will be blood."
Veela Ordo[src]

Clan Jendri was a Mandalorian clan in existence following the Mandalorian Wars. After the defeat of the Mandalorian leader, Mandalore the Ultimate, at Malachor V by the Jedi Knight Revan, and Revan's subsequent theft of Mandalore's Mask, numerous Mandalorian clans set out in search of the lost mask. By 3954 BBY, Clan Jendri's search had led them to the snow-covered planet of Rekkiad in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories. There, the members of Clan Jendri established a territory encompassing the world's Twin Spears mountain, which they patrolled with their four Basilisk war droids. That same year, members of the fellow Mandalorian clan, Clan Ordo, moved into Jendri's territory in their own search for Mandalore's Mask. Clan Jendri engaged Ordo for control of the area, and though they outnumbered Clan Ordo by nearly a two-to-one margin, Ordo was victorious. Having been defeated, Clan Jendri conceded the territory to the members of Clan Ordo.[1]

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Clan Jendri was first introduced to the Star Wars universe in The Old Republic: Revan, a 2011 novel written by author Drew Karpyshyn.


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