"...during the Great Shadow Crusade, the image of the massive [mythosaur] skull was the sigil of Clan Keldau, famed for its combat trainers."
Tor Vizsla[src]

Clan Keldau was an ancient Mandalorian clan that existed during the time of the Mandalorian Crusades. Clan Keldau earned great renown in Mandalorian culture for the many combat trainers that emerged from its ranks, and bore the iconic symbol of a mythosaur skull as its identifying clan sigil. As time passed, Clan Keldau eventually died out, but the famed Mandalorian clan was remembered long after its demise; Tor Vizsla, founder and leader of the radical Death Watch, noted Clan Keldau's place in Mandalorian history in his manifesto, Ba'jurne Kyr'tsad Mando'ad.[1]

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Clan Keldau was first introduced to Star Wars canon in the 2013 bounty hunter reference guide, The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett, co-authored by Daniel Wallace, Jason Fry, and Ryder Windham.


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