Clan Lok was a Mandalorian clan in existence prior to the start of the Great Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Artus Lok was a member of the clan,[1] who went on to claim the title of Mand'alor, the traditional leader of the Mandalorian clans,[3] after challenging and killing the previous Mand'alor.[4] During the Cold War, Artus, now called Mandalore the Vindicated, offered the latest Grand Champion of the Great Hunt into Clan Lok. The Champion gladly accepted.

During the Eternal Empire conquest on the galaxy, Clan Lok met them head on and fought against the invaders. But they were hit hard by the Eternal Empire and Mandalore the Vindicated fell in battle, killed by swarms of skytroopers. The Clan scattered soon after; it is unclear if the clan chose to join Mandalore the Avenger's call to raid the Zakuul droid factory on Darvannis.

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Clan Lok first appeared in Star Wars canon, albeit unnamed, in the massively-multiplayer online game Star Wars: The Old Republic, created by BioWare and released December 20, 2011. The tie-in reference book, Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia, identified the Mandalorian clan as "Lok."



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