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The Clan Vos was a Kiffar family. For a time they were the rulers of the planets Kiffu and Kiffex. The Clan's insignia was a gold five-point star enclosed by a gold circle, the same symbol used by the Kiffu Guardians[1]. Facial markings that traditionally represent the Vos clan include vertical bars of yellow/off-white over the middle third of the face and smaller horizontal bars across the bridge of the nose and cheeks.

Family treeEdit

                  Unknown Vos--+-- Unknown spouse
                        |             |
Unknown spouse--+--Unknown Vos   Unknown Vos--+--Unknown spouse
                |                             |
          +-----------+                       +
          |           |                       |
      Tinté Vos  Kurlin Vos        Quian Vos--+--Pethros Vos
                   Asanté Vos--(cousin)--Quinlan Vos--+--Khaleen Hentz
                                                  Korto Vos



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