"I'm Clan Wren, House Vizsla."
―Sabine Wren[src]

Clan Wren was a Mandalorian family that was part of House Vizsla. Its ruler was the Countess Ursa Wren.[4] Sabine Wren was also a member of the clan.[1]


For a time, Sabine Wren was a cadet at the Imperial Academy on Mandalore. During this time, her contributions to weapons development were used by the Empire, without her consent, to attack other Mandalorians and force them to submit to the Empire. Against her protests, Sabine's family sided with the Empire, branding her a traitor and disowning her. Sabine then fled the Imperial Academy and her home, became a bounty hunter, and eventually joined the Ghost Crew.[3]

Tristan Wren, Sabine's brother, served in Gar Saxon's elite platoon of Imperial Super Commandos after Sabine abandoned her clan in order to prove his family's loyalty to House Vizsla (and by extension, the Empire) and hence retain some of its political influence. 

Ursa Wren's husband was captured by the Empire and held hostage on Mandalore as leverage for her clan's loyalty. 


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