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"Classic Moment" is a regular feature of Star Wars Insider magazine that selects one scene in Star Wars continuity, reviews what happened through a script excerpt or brief overview, provides quotes from individuals involved in the production process and explains why the scene is considered to be notable. "Classic Moment" debuted in Star Wars Insider 101.

Star Wars Insider 101: "Luke's Training"Edit


Star Wars Insider 102: "The Emperor Taunts Luke"Edit


Star Wars Insider 103: "The Clone Army"Edit


Star Wars Insider 104: "Passing on the Lightsaber"Edit


Star Wars Insider 105: "Obi-Wan Shoots Grievous"Edit


Star Wars Insider 106: "Boba Fett Encounter" (by Brian J. Robb)Edit

According to the "Next Time" teaser for this department in Star Wars Insider 105, this iteration of "Classic Moment" originally was going to be "Dooku Taunts Obi-Wan Kenobi."


Star Wars Insider 107: "Goodnight, Aunt Mara" (by Jonathan Wilkins)Edit


Star Wars Insider 108: "Unmasking Vader" (by Brian J. Robb)Edit


Star Wars Insider 138: "Thank the Maker" (by Neil Edwards)Edit


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