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This article is about the young-readers novel. You may be looking for the comic series of the same name.

Classic Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is a Random House adaptation of Episode V.

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Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
Full adaptations
A Storybook · Choose Your Own Star Wars Adventure · Golden Book · Illustrated Screenplay
Junior novelization · Mighty Chronicles · Novel · A Pop-Up Book · Random House · Read-Along
Step-Up Movie Adventures · Script fascimile · Storybook
Partial adaptations:
The Hoth Adventure · I Want to Be a Jedi · Meltdown on Hoth
Marvel Star Wars: 39 · 40 · 41 · 42 · 43 · 44 · Marvel Illustrated Version
Marvel Special Edition ·PhotoComic
Infinities: 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · Manga: 1 · 2 · 3 · 4
Classic Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: 1 · 2 · Trade paperback
Special Edition · Annual 1980 · Marvel Super Special 16: The Empire Strikes Back
Video games
Arcade game · 1982 video game · 1991 video game
Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Mobile · Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Activity books
Book-and-record · Classic Star Wars book-and-tape
1980 Coloring Book · 1982 Coloring Book · Mix or Match Storybook · Ultimate Sticker Book
Behind the scenes
Annotated Screenplays · The Art of · The Making of · Notebook
Once Upon a Galaxy: A Journal of the Making of The Empire Strikes Back
Portfolio · Sketchbook · Star Wars: Behind the Magic
Guide and reference books
Galaxy Guide 3: The Empire Strikes Back (Second Edition)
The Complete Star Wars Trilogy Scrapbook · The Movie Trilogy Sourcebook
Star Wars Trilogy Sourcebook, Special Edition · Super Empire Strikes Back Official Game Secrets
Other material and merchandise
Funfax · Official Collectors Edition · Panorama Book · Radio drama (NPR Dramatization)
Soundtrack · Toy line · Trading card game · Who's Who
Star Wars Customizable Card Game: Hoth Revised Unlimited · Hoth Limited · Dagobah Limited
Cloud City Limited · Special Edition Limited · Dagobah Revised Unlimited · Enhanced Cloud City · Introductory Game

The Empire Strikes Back Official Poster Monthly: 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5

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