"I, Clat the Shamer, have come to claim your soul! Tonight, monster, tonight is the night you die!"
―Clat the Shamer, speaking to Darth Vader[src]

Clat, also known as Clat the Shamer, was a mutant empath working on behalf of the Guild of Vindicators following the formation of the Galactic Empire. Clat had a gaunt, gray face, a long, dark mustache, and piercing yellow eyes. He commonly wore a hooded cloak, shrouding his countenance in shadow.


Clat the Shamer was sent to Cheelit to assassinate Darth Vader after the Dark Lord incurred the Vindicators' wrath. Clat used his talents as an empath to shatter the souls of Vader's stormtrooper guards, and easily gained entrance to the hive-palace where Vader was pitting his wits against Lady Dhol in a game of Firepath. Clat confronted Vader in the gameroom, and attempted to pry inside Vader's mind. However, so focused was he on eliminating Vader, Clat did not realize he had wandered onto the gameboard. With typical coldness, Vader activated a tile on the board, engulfing Clat the Shamer in a pillar of flame. Vader then revealed he knew of Dhol's implication in the plot, and destroyed her before leaving the planet.

Clat goes kablooey

The fiery demise of Clat the Shamer.



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