Honoghr, showing the relative size and location of the Clean Lands.

The Clean Lands was the term given by the Noghri to a region of decontaminated soil on the surface of their homeworld of Honoghr, restored to fertility by Imperial decontamination droids some time after that world was devastated by the chemical weapon Trihexalophine1138. The region was centered around the capital of Nystao, and encompassed the territories of Bahk'tor, Zhuk'nir, Kihm'bar, Lohk'nar, Hakh'khar, and Elkh'mir.


During the height of the Clone Wars a space battle erupted between the Grand Army of the Republic and forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems's navy in orbit over Honoghr. In the wake of the battle a damaged Lucrehulk-class Core Ship crashed into the planet's surface, releasing copious amounts of Trihexalophine1138, a deadly toxin that the CIS had developed for use in chemical warfare against the Republic. The chemical proceeded to poison great swaths of Honoghr, killing many millions of Noghri in addition to countless native animals and plant life. At the same time, stray fire from both sides rained destruction down upon the surface, making matters worse.


The river valley clean land

After the establishment of the New Order and near the beginning of the Galactic Civil War, the planet and its people were "rediscovered" by Darth Vader. Impressed with the combat capabilities of the native Noghri, who had slaughtered Vader's stormtrooper escort, the Sith Lord engineered a bargain by which the Galactic Empire would use its resources to "help" the natives reclaim their land—the desecration of which Vader conveniently blamed on the Rebel Alliance—in exchange for their pledge of servitude. Incapable of understanding the complexities of toxic materials and the cleaning of same, the Noghri were unable to comprehend, at first, that the help given by the Imperials was actually in the form of a self-perpetuating cycle that would guarantee eternal service in the Emperor's private Noghri Death Commandos.


When Leia Organa Solo journeyed to Honoghr in an attempt to understand the Noghri and persuade them to abandon the Empire, she observed the cleansing process, eventually determining, with the aid of Chewbacca, exactly how the decon droids worked. Once the secret of Imperial treachery was exposed to the assembled Clan Dynasts at the capital of Nystao, the Noghri swore to revenge themselves upon the Empire that had deceived them. Some time later, several Noghri clans used the same decontaminating technology, now having learned how to use it properly, to restore another patch of clean land on another part of Honoghr. This new area of restored land was located in a narrow river valley in order to keep it hidden from orbiting Imperial starships. It was here that Luke Skywalker first met the Noghri.



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