"At some point, his proximity may cause us significant problems."
Doctor Saren Llalik's intelligence report on Cinto Alaras.[src]

Cinto Alaras was a male Human medical engineer.


Alaras, a Human from Rya, studied on Carosi XII Academy of Medicine, and thus in a pro-Rebel Alliance environment; however, he never showed any support to the Rebellion.

He obtained a degree around 1 ABY. A lazy and mediocre engineer, he was only offered a job, and he accepted: Designer and medical consultant for Neuro-Saav Corporation labs on Tauber.

Alaras never designed anything on his own, preferring to provide minimal insight or coordinate other designers. Rebel Alliance Intelligence believed he would attempt to steal another person's design some day.

The person in the adjacent design station was Rebel secret agent Sommen. Rebel Alliance Task Force, and particularly Saren Llalik, were afraid of Alaras spying on Sommen's work and discovering his cover.