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Cloak Squadron was a force affiliated with Thrawn's confederation[1][4] that consisted of TIE/LN starfighters and stolen mole miners.[1] In 9 ABY—44:5:17—,[2] the unit was smuggled into the Sluis system in the cloaked cargo hold of the Nartissteu, where it was able to capture several New Republic ships briefly by using the mole miners to drill through their hulls and deposit boarding parties of stormtroopers and spacetroopers on the vessels.[1]

Eight of the mole miners were destroyed by Republic and Sluissi forces and the other forty-three were ruined or left to be reclaimed by Lando Calrissian after he gave his override codes and sent them drilling entirely through the ships to which they were attached. Some of the TIEs were also destroyed, but most retreated with their commander—Cloak Leader—back to the Chimaera.[1]


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