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"They can't have disappeared. No ship that small has a cloaking device."
―Captain Needa, regarding the Millennium Falcon[src]

A cloaking device was a type of technology that could render a starship invisible. Cloaking devices could be powered by either hibridium or stygium crystals.[1]


Prior to the Clone Wars, Admiral Trench engaged cruisers equipped with cloaking devices. However, he was able to use Tracking torpedoes to hit them whether they were cloaked or not.[2]

Clone WarsEdit

During the Clone Wars, the Republic's Navy then built a small prototype Stealth ship with a cloaking device. Jedi General Anakin Skywalker used the ship to deliver supplies to Senator Bail Organa's camp on Christophsis. However, Skywalker decided to use it to attack Trench's command ship, the Invincible. Despite the failure of his first attack on the Invincible, Skywalker was able to use Trench's tracking torpedoes against him. Skywalker was able to lead the torpedoes back to the Invincible, which destroyed it, Trench, and briefly broke the blockade.[2] Cad Bane was then given a Rogue-class starfighter with a cloaking device as payment from his Sith Lord client, Darth Sidious.[3] By the latter part of the Clone Wars, Sidious equipped the Scimitar with a cloaking device. He used to take him and Grievous to Dathomir to finish off Mother Talzin, Darth Maul, and the Shadow Collective.[4]

Galactic Civil WarEdit

During the Galactic Civil War, it was very rare for small ships such as the Millennium Falcon to have cloaking devices.[5] Cloaking devices were use by Shadow Trooper's during battles against the Rebel Alliance.[6]

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