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A Clone Legion is a division or group inside a Clone Corps. Normally, they are under the command with a Jedi General Some notable Clone Legions are: The 501st Legion, 212th Attack Battalion, and the 104th Battalion.

Following Order 66, all Clone Legions were turned into Stormtrooper Legions to serve the Empire.

In Legends, the 111th Clone Corps survived Order 66, due to a signal failure. One of their Clone Legions was The 808th Ground Force Battalion. They fought the Empire, taking on the name The Clone Resistance, but eventually falling to the never-ending might of the Empire. Immediately after their defeat, the Rebellion became a major threat to the Empire.

<ref name="Star Wars: The Clone Wars">[[Star Wars: The Clone Wars|''Star Wars'': ''The Clone Wars'']]</ref>

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