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This article is about the clone trooper rank. You may be looking for the generic military rank or title of "sergeant".

Clone sergeant,[8] also known as clone trooper sergeant[9] was a rank held by clone troopers in the Galactic Republic's Grand Army who commanded squads of nine troopers. The four sergeants of a platoon were in turn led by their respective clone lieutenant. Standard[8] Phase I[10] sergeants wore armor featuring four pesto colored circles on the left chestplate as well as a stripe of pesto down the length of each arm, vertically up the middle of the helmet and laterally around the visor.[8]

Bearers of the title included Slick,[7] O'Niner,[5] Stew and Crasher of the Clone Youth Brigade,[2] Appo of the 501st Legion,[1] and Hunter of Clone Force 99.[4]


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