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The Clone Walker was a two-man, bipedal vehicle used by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars.


The Clone Walker, similar in appearance to the AT-RCT, had a two-man open cockpit mounted upon two slender legs. Its date of first deployment relative to the AT-RCT is unknown. On either side of the cockpit were power cells and a missile launcher. In the front of the cockpit was a heavy blaster cannon. Although it was usually driven by a pilot and a gunner, it could be controlled by either one on their own; both of them had good lines of sight, but were very exposed. It is often called the chicken walker.

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In mid-December, 2008, released a new wave of Clone Wars sets with the Clone Walker being one of the previews. As a companion to a separate Assassin Droid Battle Pack, the Clone Walker was released in the 8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack set with two Clone troopers, a clone tank gunner, a Clone trooper commander, and additional ARC trooper gear. The pack was intended to help consumers "build their army" with the walker and clones. The model was also used in the LEGO Star Wars animated comics.



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