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This article is about the Star Wars PocketModel TCG expansion. You may be looking for the "Conquest", an early model Imperial I-class Star Destroyer.

The Clone Wars Conquest (CWC) expansion of the Star Wars PocketModel TCG (Trading Card Game) was to have been the third Clone Wars release, also being the second of two smaller sets to be released by WizKids Games based on The Clone Wars animated TV series. Scheduled to have been released in 2009, development on the expansion went as far as final playtesting before reaching approval for distribution before the game was discontinued during the acquisition of WizKids by National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) from Topps. Due to the separation of the Star Wars license from the PocketModels trademark through the sale and liquidation of WizKids properties by Topps, there are no current plans to produce the expansion by NECA. The game was to have included elements from several Star Wars properties, such as The Clone Wars TV series, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, and Star Wars: Starfighter.

New gameplay rules and concepts in the Clone Wars Conquest expansion was to include:

  • New icon: Hero
  • Unique objectives

New types of ships:

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