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The Clone Youth Brigade was a division within the Grand Army of the Republic, and was made up of clone cadets that were maturing to the position of clone troopers.


A detachment from this group was infiltrated by Boba Fett during a tour of the Jedi Cruiser Endurance. Young Fett was seeking revenge against Mace Windu, the Jedi Master who had killed his father, and saw the ship tour as an opportunity to get close to Windu. Taking the callsign "Lucky", he was part of a Brigade division made up of cadets Whiplash, 1151, Jax, Hotshot and a number of other clones on the ship. They were overseen by the clone sergeant Crasher, and were monitored by Admiral Shoan Kilian. This troupe of young clones was forced to abandon the Endurance when it was sabotaged by Boba Fett.



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