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A heavy trooper.

The clone heavy troopers were heavy weapons specialists, Advanced Recon Commandos in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, albeit of unknown relation to ARC heavy gunners. Some Commanders, such as Commander Bacara, were equipped with clone heavy trooper armor such as the cheek plating, and Kamas.

The heavy weapons commandos carried Merr-Sonn PLX-1 missile launchers, blaster pistols, V-1 thermal detonators, HX2 antipersonnel mines and other ARC trooper equipment. The heavy troopers handled the anti-vehicle and anti-armor duties of the Grand Army of the Republic.

They should not be confused with the clone heavy gunner.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Star Wars: Battlefront II the clone soldiers called "heavy troopers" wore armor very similar to that of Commander Bacara of the Galactic Marines, making some confusion that heavy troopers were a division of the Galactic Marines. Clone Commander Bacara's helmet was similar to that of a clone heavy trooper.