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"Mission accomplished, sir. The Chancellor is safe."
―A clone shock trooper after storming the Chancellor's Office[src]

Clone shock troopers, also referred to as shocktroopers or guardsmen, were the clone troopers of the Coruscant Guard, an elite force founded during the civil war—known as the Clone Wars—between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Secretly bred apart from the other clones, they acted as security police for Coruscant, the capital world of the Republic, and also as bodyguards for Republic representatives. Some of them were trained specifically for riot control and served as urban peacekeepers. After the Republic was replaced by the Galactic Empire, they evolved into a new generation of shock troopers.


Ten years after the Invasion of Naboo, an open war broke out between the Galactic Republic and a secessionist movement known as the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Grand Army of the Republic was made up of clone troopers, most of which were created on the planet of Kamino. However, certain specialized clones were also bred on Coruscant, the capital world of the Republic, in the utmost secrecy.[7] Those shock troopers formed the Coruscant Guard,[1] tasked with the protection of the Galactic Senate's rotunda and other governmental facilities, as well as serving as bodyguards for diplomats.[7] When the Clone Wars came to an end, Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine abolished the Republic, turning the democratic union into the Galactic Empire.[8]

Following the initiation of Order 66, clone shock troopers under the command of CC-1010 "Fox" were patrolling the grounds of Coruscant when Jedi Master and librarian Jocasta Nu ran into the squad and used a Jedi mind trick on them in order to pass through. She then proceeded to enter into a secret doorway which led into the Jedi Temple.[6]

In time, the clone soldiers were replaced by the stormtroopers, and the guardsmen of Coruscant evolved into a new generation of shock troopers.[9]


Initially, the shock troopers wore the same Phase I armor as the other clones, with distinctive red markings.[10] Later in the war, the Phase II armor was introduced. The red color scheme of the shock trooper continued into the Imperial Era, with a majority of the armor now covered in red.[8]


The clone shock troopers received special training for deployment in urban environments, which gave them a high proficiency in close quarters combat.[7] They served primarily as security police for the Republic Senate,[1] its buildings,[11] and as prison guards.[12] They also performed duties such as bodyguards for Republic officials[3] and as urban peacekeepers with some troopers trained specifically for riot control.[13]



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