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"Clone troopers are excellent diplomats" is the seventeenth comic in a series on the official LEGO Star Wars website. It follows the events of "Clones are famous all across the galaxy."

Plot summaryEdit

The comic begins with 1139's commander berating him for bringing a tauntaun into the shuttle they hijacked from Nute Gunray. 1139 takes the tauntaun, which he dubs "Smelly," into the forest outside. Hoping that their bond had become close in their time together, 1139 releases Smelly's chain. Smelly takes off and 1139 chases him deeper into the forest. Inside the shuttle, the gunner, Blasty, and 1137 discuss their location and their mission to recover the missing R2-D2. Blasty reports that they had followed the droids that have R2-D2 to the Forest Moon of Endor. 1139 reappears running from an Ewok. 1137 walks up to befriend the Ewok but gets hit in the head by a rock dropped from another Ewok in a hang glider.

The clones are captured by the Ewoks and they are taken to the the Ewoks' village. 1137 is suspended over an open fire and 1139 is tied up over a boiling pot. Before the Ewoks can prepare their meals, however, an explosion covers everything leaving just the clones on the forest floor. The troopers see that Nute Gunray has arrived along with numerous battle droids. Gunray is intent on preventing the clones from retrieving Artoo and he orders his battle droids to attack.


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