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"We're not Marauders. We're allies. And the war has just begun."
―Enfys Nest on the Cloud-Riders[src]

The Cloud-Riders,[6] also known as Enfys Nest's marauders,[7] were a pirate gang led by Enfys Nest during the reign of the Galactic Empire that rode swoop bikes. At some point the gang encountered Han Solo. There, they revealed themselves as rebels that wanted revenge on the crime lords who persecuted the inhabitants of resource-rich planets and wanted to fight the Empire. Years later, whilst undertaking a job for Jabba Desilijic Tiure, Solo saw a Caelli-Merced Skyblade-330 and noted that he hadn't seen one since his run-in with Nest's marauders.[7]

Behind the scenesEdit

In response to Phil Szostak about if the concept of the Cloud-Riders originated from the 1977 Star Wars Legends comic Star Wars 9: Showdown on a Wasteland World! or if it was just coincidental, Jon Kasdan, writer of Solo: A Star Wars Story, replied on Twitter that it was no coincidence, as when former directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord settled on swoop bikes, Kasdan found the Star Wars Legends Cloud-Riders when browsing Wookieepedia, and the name stuck.[8]

The red flags on the Cloud-Riders' swoop bikes were inspired by the Sashimono, banners worn by both foot and cavalry soldiers in feudal Japan, particularly the ones depicted in classic samurai movies like the 1985 film Ran. The swoop bikes' sawn-off X-wing vibe was a nod to the Alliance to Restore the Republic's origins.[9]



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