The Cloud Mountain mines were abandoned mines on Cloud Mountain used as a base of operations by the Cularin resistance. They were dug by Sunburst Mining, but proved unproductive and were therefore abandoned. Sunburst left some security droids to maintain their legal claim, however.[1]

The entrance to the mines were three-quarters of the way up on Cloud Mountain's northern face, which had been clear-cut by Sunburst. The mine's opening was about three meters tall and six meters wide, and the blast doors which were once there had been removed. The mines went at least four kilometers deep, and had turbocarts to rapidly propel personnel or material from one end to the other. One area of the tunnel had collapsed beneath the turbocarts' magnetic rails, leaving the rails suspended over a 70-meter-deep pit for over a 100 meters of length.[1]

Towards the end of Sunburst's mining, they tried drilling small holes randomly into the walls. They covered these up with meter-square plaques featuring the company's logo.[1]


When the Cularin resistance moved in, they added a few security measures, including a blast door at the bottom of the turbocart tracks, a room with walls which compacted together, and a room of extreme heat.[1] The mines connected to a series of natural looking tunnels, perhaps dug by dua-wurms[2], which led to a large natural cavern.[1] The resistance set up their base in this cavern with an enormous multicolored command center tent over fifty meters across sitting in the middle of a tent city lit by lights set upon poles. They considered it a temporary base of operations, and were able to move their equipment out within a day.[1]

The base was eventually discovered by the Metatheran Cartel when a datapad stolen from the Cartel's offices in Gadrin was brought into the mines. The Cartel's soldiers attacked and killed or injured many resistance members, but were eventually rebuffed. Soon afterward, the resistance raided the Cartel's jungle base and gained evidence of Velin Wir's crimes, ending the resistance's need for the base.[2]